It should go without saying that any self-respecting film about a drifting Seattle rocker needs one thing in particular: an awesome soundtrack. As it turned out, the film emerged with two distinct musical personalities: the 60's-garage-rock-influenced vibe of the film's first and second acts, and the moody, score-driven vibe of the third.

Through Music Supervisor Sandy Wilson of Light In The Attic Records, we had access to some of best emerging bands from the Seattle rock scene, as well as to pioneering 60's garage rockers like The Sonics. We drew up a soundtrack of up-and-coming bands like The Blakes (who also play Sam's band The Effort in the film), Mono In VCF, and The F***ing Eagles, as well as established acts like Band of Horses, The Black Keys and Devendra Banhart.

The final puzzle piece snapped into place with composer Peter Golub (Frozen River, The Great Debaters), whose stripped-down, guitar-driven original music perfectly captures the mood of the more lost and lonely moments. Taken together, the music of True Adolescents captures both the rambunctious spirit and the aching unrest of a rock n' roll dude who's just trying to keep it together.

—Craig Johnson, Director

Band of Horses

The Black Keys

The Blakes

Devendra Banhart

The F**king Eagles

Hazelwood Motel

Mono in VCF

The Sonics


The Glaciers

Peter Golub